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Sad, Heartbroken Text Messages - Part 3

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Since a lot of people are requesting and are looking for them, here they are: MORE sad, heartbroken love quotes that you can share to your friends, family and loved ones. Other kinds of quotes and text messages will be posted regularly, so check back soon!
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1. wt if sum1 has taken ur place in ur LUv Ones heart?.. OUCH ryt? buT it hurts evn mOr wn uV realize dat… dat place has nvr bn urS AnYway.. :(
2. "In my dreams you gave me your heart, in my dreams we were never apart. In my dreams you hold me close, in my dreams you loved me most. If in my dreams we'd always be together, I might as well.. dream forever.."

3. It hurts when we risk our hearts and it ends up being broken; but what hurts even worse is when we still hold on when we already know that we’re waiting for nothing.
4. love hurts when you give up someone.
it hurts more when someone gives up on you.
but love hurts the most when the two of you keep holding on...
suddenly destiny gives up.

5. i love you and i don't want that to change..
i need you and i want you to feel the same..
i don't ask for much.. & i don't need much..
but i can't give everything i got..when i'm not
getting anything back at all ...
6. begin to learn.
dat kisses dnt alwys min

dt promises cn b broken juz
as quick as dey r mde..

dt sumtyms gudbyes r rili

& alwys rmmber 2
use ‘iloveyou” w/ xtreme

coz f usd in a wrong way,
sum1 wil end up getting

rmmber dt it shudnt b an
everyday word..

it also shudnt b said juz
bcoz ur xpctd 2 say it..

make sure u knw hw & wen
2 use it..

coz once ur in luv..

it shudnt b dt easy 2 fall out
of luv..

7. up to where you can prove your love 4 sum1?
wat will u do f ur loved one asks u..
"do u rili luv me?".. and then tells you..
"if yes, can u set me free?"


what my
for you

coz my
can lie
on whats true


even if
i close

i see you..... :(

9. love comes in our lives in a tricky way
sometimes we think we're in love
not knowing that we're just friends
yet sometimes, we stick to too much friendship
that we ignore the love we later on regret.
10. for so long i waited, i cried...
i kept all the fears, i stood up, i tried...
you told me youlove me but you don't, you lied...
you fooled me and all the words you said never came
from deep inside...

11. "wait" thats wat he said before he went away.
"wait" that's what i'm doing until today.
"wait" until forever i guess i will
i just wish i could have told him:
"wait i love you still...."
12. "hate the reality that we can never be
hate the truth that no matter what i do
im so not for you and you're not for me
hate the fact that someday, you'll meet that one for you
hate it most when i'll just be less than a friend to you.."

13. Dnt luk at me n
sy gudbye, dnt
whsper wrds 2
mke me cry, jst
wlk away f u hve
2 g0, u wil brk
my heart bt i
pr0mise i wnt evr
let u knw... :(
14. Hope
you'll find
the one you're looking for,

the one who will
treat you right
& love
you more..

someday you'll
see the
love you're
destined to be,

& whenever that
time comes...
i hope to see you

"Happy Finally..."

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Anonymous said...

All are too good

Anonymous said...

awsum quotez!...almost made me kry...
only sum1 who'z been thru dis can undrstand da true meanin ov each phraze...

love-text said...

Thanks for the comments and for visiting the site! =)

Anonymous said...

they r true 2 d core...wish i cud pass dese on 2 d 1 whom i mean 2 tell..

Anonymous said...

Its all really nice, Luv really hurts same as it makes us happy... hmmmm ...

blessie said...

love it!!

pEace said...

im crying... so sad... :-(

Anonymous said...

LOVE SUCKS x( the perfect couple doesn't exist x( i hate anyone who ever loved ( including me). i thing i'll go to cut my veins. i'm telling you. if ever you thing that you've found you're half, think twice before you put some feelings in it. so.. LIFE SUCKS

Anonymous said...

this is so cryi

Anonymous said...

haist..ang hirap mgmhal..

Anonymous said...

bukas n lng kta mamahalin sbay s pglya ng ating mga puso..

Anonymous said...

sna itnago q nlng nr2mdman q pra d aq ns2ktan ng gnito..

Anonymous said...

nasasaktan acu !!? DAMA MU?

Anonymous said...

bkt ganun ? GUSTO KO LANG NMAN BUMALiK SYA SA PiLiNG KO .. acu parin ang mahal nyang tunay .. pero di sya maging akin muli .. pagkat may bago na nagmamay ari na skanya .. PAANO NA ??

by: ALUH </3

Anonymous said...

please !! answer my stupid question .. tang na loob oi .. haha XD

by: ALUH </3

Anonymous said...

an'sakit. T.T

by: pablo

Anonymous said...

verrrrrrrrrrrrry sad

Anonymous said...

hirap magmahal

Anonymous said...

help me nmn po.. :( paano ba tatangapin ang nakaraan ng bf mo? mahal q xa pro dku matangap ng buo yung past nya ..dalwang babae na kc nkuha nya, ayun bumalik yung isang X nya na hndi nmn kagandahan SOBRANG LANDI PA..PNAGLANDAKAN YUNG GNAWA nla ng bf cu..sabi ng bf cu sa X nya "curiosity at lust lang na feel ko sau walang LOVE kahit na kunti" naniniwala nmn akong mahal na mahal ako ng bf cu kaso, nsasaktan ako sa tuwing naiiisip q ang past nya..hahai hirap na talaga ako..bk8 kea kh8 anong pilit cu dku parin mtangap ang past nya? bakit nga ba..dku rin alm sagot sa tanong can u help me guyz?? T.T

mai.x <3

Anonymous said...

isipin mo na lang na ikaw ang pinili ng bf mo at hindi ex niya.. kahit ano pa ang ginawa nila dati, ikaw pa rin ang gf, kaya dapat kampante ka.

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