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Sad, Heartbroken Text Messages - Part 18

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Its been a while since we've post English quotes, but they're the most requested, so I've posted more of these sad love quotes. Most of these are about unrequited love--loving someone who will never love you back and letting go.

1. My biggest mistake was not falling for you...

it was thinking you had fallen for me too.
2. I just thought, you should know
that I've been holding on...

while you've been letting go.:(

3. It’s been so long since I fell for you.

It kills me inside because I can feel, I am still falling.

But this time, I am falling alone.. :(
4. SMILE, so the tears won't fall.

LAUGH, like you don't hurt at all.

Fake it, so he'll never know...

That you still haven't let him go.
5.I think of you,
I just can't talk to you right now.

I miss you,
I just can't admit right now.

I need you,
I just can't show you right now.

I love you,
I just can't tell you right now.
6. Technically I'm single...

But emotionally, I'm taken, because in my heart, he will always be my boy...

Even if he doesn't know me at all...
7. Things can't be perfect all the time,

that I know,

sometimes we just have to let some things go.
8. Should I smile because you're my friend or

cry because
that's all we'll ever be?
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