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Sweet Text Message - Part 2

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Love Quotes - Sweet - Part 1 can be found HERE.

1. Don't find someone who could simply sing your music

or someone who could paint colors in your life ...

But find someone who can't dance,

but is willing to dance with you.
2. to the WORLD

you may be one person,

but to ONE PERSON,

YOU maybe the WORLD...
3. "It is at times like this that I know what my purpose is in life.
I am here to love you,
to hold you in my arms,
to protect you.
I am here to learn from you and receive your love in return.

I am here because there is no other place to be."
4. Love is not how much u cn get
,`but how much u can give
,`it's not about giving UP
,`but holding On.
,noT about u say "I LOVE U"
,`but how u prove its meaning
5. Someone asked me “have you ever been in love?” It made me stop and think then I smiled, because at that very moment I was thinking of you. :)
6. u know y i hate silence so much? coz when it's quiet, when im alone.. dats
d moment when i realize i wanna be wid u...
7. if u cant get sum1 off ur mind,maybe bcoz he/she is supposed 2 be der..
remember, d mind can recognize wat d heart is trying to deny.
8. a million things i've asked d Lord, He gave me u i knw y He
did.. u r worth d million thngs i wished 4.. & even so much more..
9. one of
d nicest
in my Lyf
was knwing
even f
i dont have
alot of
2 send...
i want u
to knw
much i
u since
d day
i knew u..
10. never regret

the amount of love
i have given you,

i don't even remember
how much is it,

the only thing i know
is that


no doubts

no limits

no reservation

and dfntLy no end! Ü
11. dont close ur door
wen u feel alone..

dont close ur heart
wen u dont want to love..

and dont ever close ur hands
wen u nid a friend


i'l b holding u til d end...
12. You're walking on long, weak bridge,

It is really scary and youre afraid,

You saw me and asked for help but I said,

"I'm sorry I can't, cause I'm busy...

I'm busy holding the bridge for you to be safe."
13. nvr search ur hapiness in others, it wil just mke u feel alone..
rather,search it in urself,it wil mke u feel happy even if u are left alone..Ü
14. "Take love, multiply it by infinity and take it to the depths of forever.... and you still have only a glimpse of how I feel for you." :)

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