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Valentines Text Message

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Here are some of sweet text messages shared by our visitors which you can send as Valentine's text message to your boyfriend, girlfriend or friends. Thank you to those who shared their love quotes and text messages, keep them coming.

1. "i can't help but wonder what it is you do..
you help heal the pain and thoughts of the truth..
you're a question in the universe..
a wonder to the world..
but somehow when im with you

i never get burned."
2. remember when you leaned in and asked me if you
could take me anywhere, where would
it be? as i remember, i wrapped your
arms around me & whispered:
"right here"

3. "Wer der r th0rns, u'd find me picking them up so u w0nt get hurt.

Wer der is pain, u'll find me hurting m0re.

and wen u r happy, u'll find me smiling & sharing ur joy.

f0r wen i said I LOVE YOU,
i also said silently and
promised 2 myself
2 be with u
each step of d way..."

i love you!
4. In the common eyes you're probably just another soul
yet my eyes aren't common and so as you...
you are so beautiful that I can't help but fall for you!
~~shared by: s0uth
5. i don’t know if there’s only one person in the
entire world that you’re meant to be with , but
when you and I are together, it sure feels that way..
6. "i've just met you recently
but i've known you forever
u're the person i used to
to dream about and never
thought i would find"

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

boy: tapus kna ba exam mu?

girl: bkt nman?

boy: para aku nman sagutin mu?


Anonymous said...

ang titinding mga banat pero mas matindi 2ng akin !!\


Anonymous said...

mas matindi 2ng akin

ampalaya kaba!!


bako bako kase face mo ehhhh!!!!

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