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FREE Unlimited Facebook for Mobile for Smart subscribers

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Good news!!! Starting June 8, access to Facebook will be offered FREE to Smart subscribers. To avail of the promo just text:

FB send to 211

Simply follow the instructions to get the ‘Facebook Mobile App’ always on, ready to use, UNLI, and for free. Note that a P1 maintaining balance is needed.
Facebook Mobile App is available to almost any kind of cellphone. For more info, visit the Smart Communications Facebook Page

Smart stated that the free offer is only for access to Facebook, and regular charges will apply when a user clicks on a link or any other content outside of Facebook. Users must also set as their mobile browser’s home page to ensure that no charges will apply upon start of browsing.

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Dave Pascht said...

Thanks for sharing us!

Unknown said...

GIRL:I heard you found someone new?

BOY:yes, and she is better than you.

GIRL:oh really? Can she make you smile like I do?

BOY:NO, but she never makes me cry like you do.

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