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Sad, Heartbroken Text Messages - Part 6

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Since a lot of people are looking for sad text messages, here they are. I will post sweet love quotes and inspirational love quotes next time, so check back soon! Better yet, Subscribe or Bookmark the site to get the updates!
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1. Sometimes, you can't stop yourself from hoping for yesterday to come back

especially when yesterday was the only future you ever wanted and needed from

the start.
2. waiting is painful. forgetting is painful. but not knowing which to do is the worst kind of suffering. -P.Coelho

3. u r da star i jz luv to look at night
A star that i can't reach..
I'm a fool who doesn't know how to quit..
well,i dont want to.. coz maybe..
juz star wud fall for me..
4. it hurts my soul coz i can't let go.. all these walls are caving in, i

can't stop my suffering. i hate to show that i've lost control... coz i keep

going back to the one thing that i need to walk away from... i don't know

what to do.. my heart has been bruised.. so sad but it's true.. each beat

still reminds me of you..

5. "to leave someone?.. u have the right.
but atleast tell them why..
because what's more painful than being abandoned is knowing you are not worth

an explanation.."
6. Sometimes we fall for the wrong person thinking they are the one. We cry

when they leave. We wait until they return. We give everything to have them

come back. Only to find out.. they have forgotten us all this time.
A quote inspired by the upcoming movie Twilight:
7. Sometimes people put up walls, not to keep others out, but to see who

cares enough to break them down.
8. i've found my edward...


he doesn't know im his bella..

9. There are so many stars in the sky but only some are radiant enough to be

Among those stars which you choose to ignore is the one who is willing to

shine for you forever, even if your glance remains elsewhere..
10. "The more and more I spend time with you, the more and more I realize I

am doing the one thing I told myself I would never do again... Fall in love."

11. "I can always take care of myself,

but still,

i want to meet someone who
can prove to me that

i can't.."
12. If I were you I'd promise to live life for all it's worth, take all

you've been given and leave your mark upon this Earth. Trust your heart to

show you everything you need.. and if you were you, I'd fall in love with me.

13. one day you will ask me which is more important. my life or yours. i will

say mine and you will walk away not knowing that you are my life. -K.Gibran
14. it
2 4Gt
rly hv
2muV oN
& faCe
d faCT
dt certain
of our
rily b

4ever.. :/

These sad love quotes are text messaging ready, most are written in text message shorthand form to easily copy the quotes to your cell phones and forward to your friends and loved ones! The quotes are also in a scrolling format, just like in a cellphone! :D To read the rest of the message just click on the arrows to scroll down on each "box".

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Anonymous said...

fa6 maii na6ma-mhal xeny0 wa6 ny0n6 abusuhin un6 kabaitan n6 na6 mamahal sa iny0 .

Read More Lovely Quotes said...

Thanks a lot for these quotes

Anonymous said...

masakit parin ...huhuhu san kana mr. right guy

Anonymous said...

hanggang neun kaw prin ang mahal ko !.
kaw ang nag pabago xken ..

peu kelangan kong klimutan ang nraramdaman ko ceu dhil ndi pde,, dhil..........

mag pinxan teu.. =(

mahal kita JAYBOY sobra ... :(

Anonymous said...

shocks,,love nga nmn,im here at saudi 2day i know how hurt do you feel,but u know here even relatives,it must,,or klngang reltives mo ang pkakasalan mo ,sb nl dugo s dugo,laman s lamn,,,,thats life..

Anonymous said...

bakit kaya naduon pa rin ang feeling ko sa taong nagkaroon ng realayon sa akin nuon. ibig sabihin ba nun mahal ko pa rin siya, na anytime na bumalik siya tatanggapin ko siya? o malalaman ko lang kung yun pa rin ang nararamdaman ko pag nakita ko na siya! said...

thanks for the quotes i will soon post them on my fb staus :D

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