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Send Free Text Messages Philippines + Worldwide

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(Updated post) No Load? Here are the sites that offer free text messages in the Philippines and around the world. Please take note that sometimes, the site goes offline so please check and send a message to your own number first before sending a message to your recipient. Check out the comments below for more suggestions.


NO registration required: 

1. SMS-R.US - Send Unlimited Free Text to all networks. Send and receive text fast. Plus, the site has Facebook comments to know whether site is online or offline. No registration required. Thanks to our readers who commented and suggested the site!

2. - Send Unlimited Free Text to all networks. No registration required.

3. - Send Unlimited Free Text to all networks. No registration required.

4. - Send Free SMS to the Philippines.

Registration required:

1. Chikka- One of the most reliable working site and fast. Send free text on all the networks.

2. OmyTxt! - Send unlimited texts from your computer to all Philippine networks. Lets you send group messages.


Registration required:

1. Budflick - Send 30 free texts worldwide per day.

2. MJoy - Send free text messages worldwide. Registration required.

3. Chikka - Registration required. Send free SMS to Philippines and selected countries. Sign-up and log-in to the web messenger to send text online or download PC application.

No Registration required:

1. SMSTexter - No registration. Send unlimited text all over the world.

2. SMS Free 4 All - Send free text messages around the world. No registration required.

3. - No registration required to send the text. To check the status of message, you need to register.

4. SMSFlick - Unlimited Free texting around the world. No registration required. To monitor status of messages, you need to register.

Send Free text WORLDWIDE using your cellphone or tablet with this cellphone application!
1. JaxtrSMS - just download the mobile application. It works on almost all types of cellphones, like Android phones, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Java/J2ME-capable phones, Symbian, and windows phone. It can send messages via Tablets too like iTouch, iPad and Galaxy Tab. Text messages goes direct to your SMS inbox and behaves like regular SMS. The number seen by the recipient is your own number.

Send Free text through Facebook!
1. - Free SMS up to 30 texts a day through Facebook using Chikkalite.
2. ULink Facebook Application - Needs Facebook log-in. Free SMS on all Philippine networks.

If you know of any other site that works and offers free text messaging service, please let us know by posting your comments or Like this post to share to your friends and family. :)

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Anonymous said...

nasubukan ko yung unang trick! ang bilis! received agad. free talaga thanks...

negosyotext said...

Kung gusto nyo free pang text blast go to

Anonymous said...

negosyotext and freetextph are the same, both are not working.

TXTna is powered by magtxt. If magtxt doesnt work, so is txtna.

freesmsph is not unlimited. It has 10 msg limit per #.

you should check and try It works most of the time. It is fast, unlimited and free. No registration required also.

SMSRUs said...

Try us out @ SMSRUs - Send free SMS Philippines. Thanks

Anonymous said...

hey! try this Free SMS APP

for more info please visit @
Send load to the Philippines

Vernon said...

Hi! Send FREE SMS all throughout the Philippines for FREE. Just go to this link. Send as many as you want. No hidden charges. Just an internet connection. ====>

text to philippine said...

text to philippine I would like to share this free web app, send free sms. With this web app you can send free sms in other countries, it's very easy to use and no need for registration.

Unknown said...

I discovered a very helpful free SMS sending or free text messaging through

The classified ad posting site is equipped with a free SMS service that allows buyers to send free sms inquiries to sellers.But the service is not exclusive to interested buyers only, but it also allowed guests like me to send free text.

I just go their website. There's a section on the upper left corner of the home page where you can send free sms. Just enter the mobile number of the recipient, your number, your message, click send and your message is on its way. Very helpful in emergency situations when you can't easily access mobile loading stations.

James Abram said...

I'm also using Load Me Na. All I can say is that it's a great free texting platform online!

Maricris said...

You can visit for the advance SMS software that can send bulk of text messages immediately. And for more powerful and sophisticated analysis, we generate detailed reports and charts to make analysis and decision making easy.

SMS Blasting Unlimited Philippines said...

Try Bulk SMS Software/Services to send messages to large group of peole. SIMPLE, FAST, EFFICIENT and RELIABLE! Visit for more information.

Mark John Dee said...

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Unknown said...

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