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Christmas Text Messages

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Here are some sweet and sad Christmas love quotes / text messages. MORE heartbroken and sad and sweet and inspirational quotes will be posted regularly, so check back soon! Better yet, Subscribe or Bookmark the site to get the updates!
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1. I don't have any wishes for Christmas..

YOU already came true.. :)

1. My Christmas wishes:

I wish one day you'll love me, the way I loved you.

I wish one day you'll think of me the way I thought of you.

I wish one day you'll cry for me, the way I cried for you.

I wish one day you'll want me... but I won't want you.
2. i gaze out the window

this cold winter's night

at all of the twinkling lights

alone in the darkness

remembering when you were mine

everybody's smiling

the whole world is rejoicing

and everyone's embracing

except for you and i

baby i miss you
most at christmas time..

3. im sad dat wer apart dis christmas
and it drives me crazy to be far from u

but wenever ur near, i end up not knowin wat 2 do..

and it drives me crazy dt ur der,

but i cant have u..
4. Since I was little I always wished for something come Christmas time.
But then there came a moment when I stopped wishing..
It's not because I got what I wanted, but because I finally accepted
that not all wishes come true.. :c

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Anonymous said...

sanA kpag christmas wag lagi c santa claous ang inyong icpin ,...
tandaAn nyo kaya tayo my christmas
ay dahil kay,LORD JESUS!!

_jhadeii tresie(13)_

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